Special Hobby 1/72 Bugatti 100P ‘French Racer Plane’

Special Hobby

Special Hobby 1/72 Bugatti 100P ‘French Racer Plane’

SKU : SPCHB-100-SH72457

MFG CODE : 100-SH72457

SCALE : 1:72

UPC : 8594071088477

CATEGORY : Aircraft


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In the pre-war years, Ettore Bugatti, a very wel known racing car designer, took the opportunity and decided to turn his attention to aviation too and come with a concept of a racing aeroplane which was to win the then rather popular Deutsch de la Muerthe races. At first, the plane was to be fitted with just one engine, this was later reconsidered and two powerplants were used, placed asymmetricaly in the sleek fuselage, each one driving its propeller – these were two, counterrotating. In this shape, the plane was even supposed to break the world speed record. The aeroplane was finished and prepared just before the war broke out, but had to be put out of the sight of the advancing German army. As of now, the Bugatti prototype is placed on display at the EAA Aviation Museum in the USA.
This kit contains two styrene sprues and a single one with clear injected canopy. As the machine was in blue overall scheme with no markings at all, the kit has got no decal sheet. The schemes are two though, the other one representing a fictitious scheme.

has never been released as a plastic kit
interesting, unorthodox construction
detailed PUR air intakes