MASTER BOX 1/35 Russian-Ukrainian War series Defence of Kyiv, March 2022. Trophy. Kit No.1

Master Box

MASTER BOX 1/35 Russian-Ukrainian War series Defence of Kyiv, March 2022. Trophy. Kit No.1

SKU : MSTBX-35223

MFG CODE : 35223

SCALE : 1:35

UPC : 4820113082672

CATEGORY : Russian-Ukrainian War series


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"Kit 32013 ""Greco-Persian Wars Series. Hoplite. Kit № 3""continues the series of kits dedicated to the subject of the Greco-Persian wars in 1/32 scale.

The high popularity of this topic among modellers who are fond of historical miniatures forced us to take on the topic of ancient history. The choice of 1/32 scale instead of 1/35, which is more familiar to modellers, is also due to the popularity of this scale among fans of historical miniatures, where this scale (54mm) is more familiar.

The Greco-Persian Wars are a series of military conflicts that took place with intervals between Achaemenid Persia that sought to conquer Hellas and Greek city-states (poleis) that defended their independence from 500 to 449 BC. This half-century period left the deepest imprint in the world history and gave us many examples of military prowess, glorious victories and famous names. And this period also glorified such a kind of warriors as Hoplites for centuries and made the Greek Phalanx famous. For many years Hoplites and Phalanx became synonymous with power and invincibility, and Greek warriors became welcome mercenaries in the armies of the entire world then known to the Greeks.

The series consists of 8 kits: three Greek hoplites, two peltasts and three Persian warriors - mounted, foot and heavy archer. All figures of the series are made at a high artistic level and represent a very high-level sculptural miniature in fact.

Each kit has a whole story, and the unity of style and plot allows the modeller to create very interesting miniatures using both one figure and more complex compositions using all or several figures of the series at the choice of the modeller. "
  • Height: 1.50 in
  • Length: 19.00 in
  • Width: 7.00 in
  • Weight: 0.20 LB