Master Box 1/24 The Last Bridge. Kit No. 3. Splinter


Master Box 1/24 The Last Bridge. Kit No. 3. Splinter

SKU : MSTBX-24075

MFG CODE : 24075

SCALE : 1:24

UPC : 4820113082450

CATEGORY : Post Apocalyptic Series


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Global environmental disaster and then broken out war 'all against all' changed sharply the appearance of the Planet. The cities that became a trap and a grave for thousands of people were abandoned by few inhabitants who were lucky to survive. The values formed for centuries disappeared. Diverse gangs began to attack weak groups of refugees and Chaos came. But people strive always to create order where there is no order. A delicate balance came in the merciless struggle between Chaos and Order, and then the Legend was born. The Legend is about the Last Bridge, beyond which there is still a place where people live peacefully, happily and do not need anything. But no one knows where this bridge is, but one thing is clear: wherever it is, the path to it is far and deadly. Splinter, a young raider from the Clan of Amazons decided to risk everything and went to find the Last Bridge.
  • Height: 1.50 in
  • Length: 10.00 in
  • Width: 7.00 in
  • Weight: 0.14 LB