Master Box 1/24 At the Edge of the Universe. Strange Company’s adventures. Episode V. Recognition

Master Box

Master Box 1/24 At the Edge of the Universe. Strange Company’s adventures. Episode V. Recognition

SKU : MSTBX-24083

MFG CODE : 24083

SCALE : 1:24

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The extraordinary popularity of post-apocalyptic subject in the field of cinematography and computer games made us deal with this subject, and the choice of the 1/24 scale is due to the growing popularity of this scale among modellers who focus on figures. This is due to the fact that, on the one hand, this scale allows the manufacturer to make a much more detailed figure than the 1/35 scale, on the other hand, it allows the modeller to make the figure with special sophistication.

The creation of “Strange Company’s adventures” series of kits was based on a story telling how several absolutely different people, from space strollers and swindlers to the military personnel of the space fleet became accidental carriers of a dangerous secret and were forced to unite in front of face of a common threat represented by the powerful Galactic Security Service in order to survive.

Lieutenant Helen Parsons and mutant Chuck were captured by the Galactic Security Service, deprived of memory and sent as gladiators to participate in the All Galaxy Games. However, an accidental collision in the corridors of the Grand Arena destroyed the mechanisms blocking their memory. The memory returned, but now two implacable enemies had to reject mutual hate in order to unite and escape. Now their goal is to survive and take revenge on their enemies.

The kit includes the parts for the assembly of two figures – a girl gladiator and a mutant gladiator.

The figures are performed on a high artistic level, essentially being high artistic sculptural miniatures, they are animated greatly and interact with each other well.

We would like to emphasize that this kit is the part of the series of kits and figures from this kit can be used both separately to create a very expressive vignette, or they can be used together with the rest of the figures in the series to create more large-scale diorama, for example, diorama showing a commercial deathmatch scene in a closed club.

The kit is made in 1/24 scale.