ICM 1/35 Leopard 2A6 with crew (Armed Forces of Ukraine)


ICM 1/35 Leopard 2A6 with crew (Armed Forces of Ukraine)

SKU : ICM-35013

MFG CODE : 35013

SCALE : 1:35

UPC : 4823044411054

CATEGORY : Military vehicle kits

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The Leopard 2A6 tank is a modification of the basic version of the Leopard 2 and belongs to the third-generation tanks. Delivery of the tank to the Bundeswehr began in 2001. The main difference of this modification was the new 120-mm smooth-bore gun Rheinmetall L55, whose projectile is capable of penetrating approximately 700 mm of steel homogeneous armor. Also, in this modification, the guidance devices and fire control system were improved, the tank protection was modernized and the combined armor was changed to strengthen the stability of the combat vehicle against the means of impression. The weight of the tank at the same time increased to 62 tons. According to experts, the tank is one of the best modern models among the tanks of the world. In the spring of 2023, tanks of the Leopard 2A6 modification appeared in units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They take an active part in the battles in the east and northeast of Ukraine. Like most other Ukrainian military equipment, in combat conditions, these tanks are marked with crosses of various types. Leopard 2A6 is an effective tool in the fight against enemy tanks, in particular, recorded the case of his successful confrontation with two tanks T-80BVM.