Aoshima GR-02 Series Gattai Atlanger Omega


Aoshima GR-02 Series Gattai Atlanger Omega

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MFG CODE : 5809

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CATEGORY : Character Kit Series

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The second ministry of the series!! The White ATLANGER '' wearing the Red Emblem The kit includes the 'GATTAI ATLANGER ' and 'Omega'. The 'GATTAI ATLANGER ' has a frame structure common to the series and comes w/ joint parts that allow you to freely exchange and reassemble parts. Thanks to the parts division, color coding and decals, the design of the 'GATTAI ATLANGER ' can be reproduced almost exactly as it is designed. New parts have been added for Omega, including bare skin parts for her arms and legs and normal hair parts. Five different hand parts and three different face parts are included to recreate various situations w/ Omega. Face parts w/out tampons and facial expression decals are also included for even more freedom of expression. Thanks to the parts division, color coding and decals, Omega can be recreated almost exactly as designed w/ just assembly. You can enjoy attaching the parts of the 'GATTAI ATLANGER ' to the ' (Omega)'. [Product Specifications] Scale:non Size:GATTAI ATLANGER height: 170mm (Omega) height: 140mm Material:PS/ABS/PVC Specification:Plastic Model Snap-on adhesive free kit Color-coded molding [Attachment] GATTAI ATLANGER :Armed parts 'Broken Cutter' and 'Miracle Defender' GATTAI ATLANGER :Engraved emblem decals (Omega):Three pre-painted faces: Left Eye Smile, Frontal Flinching Face, and Frontal Frowning Face. (Omega):1 type of face w/out coloring, 4 types of facial expression decals (Omega):Five types of hand parts: 'normal hand', ' holding hand', 'gripping hand', 'flat hand', and 'piece'. (Omega):Coat of arms decal 6 kinds of general-purpose joint parts