1. Who are you?
    Lightspeed Global distributes plastic model kits, accessories and collectibles.
  2. Do you sell to the public? Who can register?
    We only sell to dealers and retailers with physical brick and mortar retail stores.
    We do not accept and will not respond to sellers who sell exclusively on 3rd party marketplaces, such as Amazon, EBay, Walmart, etc.
    As part of our due dilligence, we will research all registrants and only contact those who pass our basic requirements listed above.
  3. What is the minimum order?
    The minimum order is $350.
  4. What brands do you carry?
    Please refer to our About page to see the brands we carry.
  5. How do I see the prices?
    To see our prices, log into the website. To request a login, please click on the Register button on the Login page. We will contact you within 1 business day to verify your account details.
  6. What forms of payment do you accept?
    Upon submission of your order, we will contact you to request payment. We accept the following:
    • All major credit cards
    • Email Money Transfers (within Canada)
    • ACH Transfers (within US)
  7. Can I order replacement parts?
    We cannot make any guarantees about replacement parts, however we will try to source them. Please email and indicate the following:
    1. Brand
    2. Model / Model Number
    3. Part
    4. Your contact information, including name, phone number and shipping address
  8. Note: The average cost for a replacement part, including shipping and handling, is approximately $15 within North America. Exact charges will be determined once we have the part and your shipping address. The wait times for replacement part is usually 1 to 1.5 months.


  1. Where do you ship?
    We ship throughout Canada and the United States. Our warehouses are located in Toronto, Ontario and Buffalo, NY.
  2. What are your shipping terms?
    We strive to fulfill orders within 2 business days, usually sooner. If there are any issues, we will contact you.
  3. How much do you charge for shipping?
    We offer free shipping within continental US and Canada for shippable orders over $1,500, before tax.
    For orders below $1,500, shipping will be capped at 10% of the invoice total.
    For orders below $350, full shipping fees will charged. *some conditions apply.
  4. Parts were damaged during shipment. What can I do?
    Contact us regarding the damaged items. Then, return all the damaged products to our warehouse (Toronto or Buffalo, NY). Upon receipt, we will issue a credit to your account.
  5. I received the wrong product or something is missing.
    While we try to ensure shipping accuracy, sometimes, mistakes happen. Contact us at


  1. What is a pre-order?
    We are proud to offer items that can be ordered before they arrive at our warehouse.
  2. How to pre-order?
    To reserve a product marked with the "pre-order", simply add it to your shopping cart and submit .
  3. When will I receive my pre-ordered items?
    We strive to ship pre-orders as soon as they are received in our warehouse. Our goal is to ensure timely delivery of a pre-ordered item on the scheduled release date of the product.
  4. When will I be charged?
    You are not charged for pre-ordered items until they become available to be shipped. You will receive an invoice either after the release date, or 1-2 days prior to its shipping, depending on your order.
  5. If I order items that are available now with my pre-order when will I be charged?
    You will not be charged for any of the items until they are ready to ship. Any items in your cart that are available now will be grouped into one order and you will be charged when those items are processed and ready to ship.You will receive an email notification when your pre-orders items are available in our store.
  6. How do I Cancel a Pre-Order?
    Please contact us by phone or email at the following:
    Phone: (647) 812-1951