Platz 1/72 U.S.A.F. Prototype Fighter YF-23


Platz 1/72 U.S.A.F. Prototype Fighter YF-23



SCALE : 1:72

UPC : 4545782075632

CATEGORY : Aircraft


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YF-23 was developed as a demonstrator for the USAF's Advanced Tactical Fighter(ATF) competition, and battling with the YF-22 which later became the F-22 Raptor. The main requirements for the ATF were high combat performance, excellent stealth technology, and supercruise without the use of afterburners. The first flight was in 1990 and two prototypes were made. Although the YF-23 was stealthy and faster, it lost the ATF competition.It was said that there was no significant performance difference between the YF-22 overall.
This is a 1/72 scale unpainted assembly plastic model kit of U.S.A.F. Prototype Fighter YF-23.
- Glue and paint are required.
- Reproduce the distinctive airframe design precisely.
- The body of the aircraft is composed of parts of a simple shape in two upper and lower divisions.
- The cockpit tub and side console are recreated in detail.
- Cartograf silk-screen printed decals.
- Decals for Two prototype YF-23 aircraft, Spider and Gray Ghost, and One fictional YF-23 scheme.
- The finished model is 286mm in length.
  • Height: 0.00 in
  • Length: 0.00 in
  • Width: 0.00 in
  • Weight: 0.00 lbs