Clear Prop 1/48 XA2D-1 Skyshark, Advanced kit

Clear Prop

Clear Prop 1/48 XA2D-1 Skyshark, Advanced kit



SCALE : 1:48

UPC : 4589913368965

CATEGORY : Aircraft kits

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Clear prop! As its first 1/48 scale kit, chose Sky Shark, the world's first 1/48 injection kit. It is suitable for 1/48 scale, and the details such as inside the cockpit, around the legs, intake and exhaust pipe are realistically reproduced, and the main wing can be assembled by selecting the unfolded state or the folded state. The kit comes with 2 types of canopy parts (1 each for open / closed state), resin ejection seats, 2 types of exhaust pipe parts, etched parts and 4 types of decals. The A2D Sky Shark is a turboprop carrier-capable attack aircraft developed by Douglas of the United States for the US Navy. The prototype XA2D, which first flew in 1950, uses the A-1 Skyrader's tail wings, but the fuselage and main wings have been redesigned due to engine replacement. A significant improvement in performance was recognized compared to the A-1, and more than 300 aircraft were ordered, but the Navy canceled the order in 1952 due to the low reliability of the engine due to the complicated structure, etc. did not. The number of production machines is 2 for the prototype XA2D-1 and 10 for the production type A2D-1. [Specifications of actual machine] -Engine: Allison XT-40A-2 turboprop x 1 -Overall length: 12.58m -Overall width: 15,24m -Maximum speed: 813km / h -Cruising range: 3,520km -Armed: 4 T3 120mm cannons, bombs up to 2500kg
  • Height: 2.00 in
  • Length: 12.00 in
  • Width: 9.00 in
  • Weight: 1.00