Platz Beemax 1/12 Lotus 99T '87 Monaco GP Winner


Platz Beemax 1/12 Lotus 99T '87 Monaco GP Winner


MFG CODE : BX12001

SCALE : 1:12

UPC : 4545782082128

CATEGORY : Vehicle


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From the car model BEEMAX, a big 1/12 model is finally here.
The first in the series is a model of the 1987 Lotus 99T, which is a must-see for Japanese car modelers.
Moreover, it is the 1987 Monaco GP specification that won the championship in the drive of Ayrton Senna.
The kit is reproduced in detail with the cooperation of Classic Team Lotus, referring to the actual vehicle materials and the records at that time.
From the monocoque to the front and rear suspensions to the strongest V6 twin turbo engine, I'm looking forward to the expression unique to the big scale.
The cowl can be attached and detached after completion.
The memorable one of Senna's first Monaco GP victory is a remarkable kit that you want to make carefully.

* Approved and licensed by Classic Team Lotus Ltd